One Million Dollars Invested into Punch Animation (OTC:URBT )

January 27, 2018

Punch TV Studios, Inc. to invest $1 million dollars in Punch Animation (OTC:URBT)


Punch TV Studios, Inc. to invest $1 million dollars in Punch Animation (OTC:URBT). Joseph Collins became the CEO of Punch Animation (OTC:URBT) stock symbol (URBT), formerly Urban Television Network Corp, and has worked hard to turn the company around. Collins had to find the correct business model to grow the company.  He believes that model is animation.  We made an aggressive move to hire Leo Sullivan as the companies Chief Operating Officer. To strengthen the company hired Floyd Norman as its President of Creative Development. “We believe that these two are the one-two punch this company needs to get off the ground.” says Collins.


Punch Animation (OTC:URBT) was previously Urban Television Network, which was the first African-American owned television network in America. It was recently renamed Punch Animation.

Emmy Award winning Animator/Filmmaker, Leo Sullivan is taking on the role as Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Sullivan is most-recognized for his movies Flash Gordon, Pac-Man, Iron Man, Tiny Toons Adventures, Scooby-Doo and Flintstones. Mr. Sullivan has over 50 years of experience in the field of animation and is a credentialed teacher for the State of California in Vocational Education Teaching. He has taught at The Art Institute of California-Orange County, guest lecturer at UCLA and Compton College Animation Arts Departments, worked with numerous community organizations and has taught and mentored youths who have gone on to work in major animation studios.


These renowned animators are already diligently producing new concepts and ideas to make Punch Animation (OTC:URBT) the future of animation. Punch TV Studios, an American production company, is recognized throughout the entertainment and media industry for developing original and creative content for licensing and distribution around the world.

We are excited to invest $1 million dollars in the company as we begin the process of developing our first animated project. I think this is a company that investors should take into consideration.

SEC Filing for the Investment  

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