Creating a Store of Wealth for Urban America

May 23, 2016

(Hollywood, CA) – The multimedia television entity, Punch TV Studios has opened its doors to become a publicly traded company. Punch TV Studios has become the bellwether for the future of media, aspiring to reach initial public offering feats that haven’t been seen since the likes of Alibaba. The urban American has been left out. But now the power of wealth has been put back in their hands. Creating the urban store of wealth. Urban American’s may now have a way to create generational wealth for themselves and their families.

Notable parallels have been drawn between Punch TV Studios and Alibaba which had the largest stock offering in history. Punch TV Studios has positioned itself to be the dominant player in the urban market place by understanding the urban behavior equally diverse content to the urban viewers.

Small Business Association (SBA) Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner, and CEO of Punch TV Studios, Joseph Collins, stated that “That understanding urban behavior and outfitting movies and TV series are needed to satisfy the tastes and viewing interests of these highly segmented niche of consumers. My vision is to build a multi-billion dollar urban media company that is primarily owned by members of the urban communities around the globe. Allowing us to create an urban store using wall street.”

Punch TV Studios takes pride in its Hollywood, CA location, It serves as a metaphorical home for urban struggles nationally. It is that hard-thinking drive that feeds the energy of ambitious pursuits such as Punch TV Studios’ recent stock offering announcement opening at $1.00 per share. This should create tremendous wealth for the urban community an allow us to create an urban store or and urban economy.

“My vision is to build a multi-billion dollar urban media company that is primarily owned by members of the urban communities around the globe.”

In a similar spirit of intent, Punch TV Studios molds its content, to become a platform that represents a cacophony of ideals, bringing original stories by the people of America for the people of the world, while simultaneously reaping the potential for a record-breaking global stock offering on a grassroots level.

By utilizing state of the art technology in television, film, and music, Punch TV Studios brings digital technology into new areas not yet seen with other television networks, including 4D technology and a signal with the ability to broadcast on multiple platforms from television to Internet; from ipads & tablets to iphone & android phones.

In an interview with Producer, Director Sid Burston, who plans to develop new content with Punch TV Studios, he states, “Punch TV Studios is rapidly becoming the home for new urban Producers, Directors and Writers. It allows untold stories to be brought to film, television, cellphones, tablets and other media.”

A trans-media entity that breaches new areas of technology and diversity, Punch TV Studios is positioned to revive the character and importance of niche television broadcasting with the same open-sesame approach as Alibaba. Developing an abundance of new programs and amenities, its stock offering is expected to change the market in ways perhaps never before seen. People are encouraged to visit for more information or contact Punch TV Studios Corporate Office at: 310-419-5915.

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