Diva Glammas

December 6, 2017

What’s even better than a long overdue Spice Girls reunion? A new reality television series about the Diva Glammas – who are basically just as fabulous, but feistier and probably even funnier than the 90’s pop icons.

The “Diva Glammas” are a group of six grandmothers and some even great grandmothers that consist of a Bodacious Diva, Stylish Diva, Baby Diva and the Grand Diva and in the words of the latter: “We’re not the regular grammas, we’re the glammas.”

The series is produced by Punch TV Studios and will follow the six Glammas as they Combine the duties of being grandmothers along with their day to day responsibilities all while living the lives they always dreamed of — partying, rocking the best outfits and, above all, hooking up with the hottest men in town.

“Diva Glammas” was founded by the Grand Diva, Queen Turner who came up with the idea of the reality series to series to restore confidence in older women who have adopted the general belief that life ends at 40 for a woman.

The series stars Queen Turner, Diane Dotts, Rhonda Robinson, Carol Creekmore, Diana Puskas, and Elizabeth Camilo, a majority of whom also used to be Soul Train Dancers in the early 70’s.

“Diva Glammas” premieres on Punch TV on December 27.

Check out the trailer for “Diva Glammas” above.

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