Joseph Collins of Punch TV Studios may be the next Walt Disney

May 9, 2016

If Joseph Collins, CEO of Punch TV Studios were to describe himself in three words, he would say determined, resilient, and driven. It’s these three words that have helped him achieve his dream of owning and operating a successful television network and studios.

Everyone has their happiest place on earth, and for Joseph Collins, it’s his television studios: Punch TV Studios. Punch TV, best known for its original and creative content that appeals to a diverse audience, has become one of the fastest growing television networks in the nation, at one time, gaining more than 50 Million viewers in the course of 18 months under Joseph’s guidance and leadership. Joseph Collins has turned his grassroots business approach and his childhood dream of being a part of television into a TV network that rivals the largest networks in television.

Mr. Collins wasn’t just handed this job or the money to create it. He earned it, and did so by working from the ground up his whole life. It’s like that saying: “Disneyland wasn’t built in a day.” It sure wasn’t. Walt Disney had to build Walt Disney before he could build Mickey Mouse or his company. Both these men had visions, and they faced many struggles to achieve their dreams.

It was in school where these two innovators first fell in the love with art of performance. Collins found his connection with production at Garey High School in Pomona California while dabbling in the world of theatre. Later as a highly recognized and respected thespian, he learned the art of expression and the skill of organizing live productions.

“I always wanted to be in television,” says Joseph Collins. “Theater taught me how to express myself and I wanted to take that expression and translate it into production over the air.”

When Walt Disney and his family moved to Kansas City, he developed a love for acting and performing. He would perform as Charlie Chaplin for his friends, tell stories, and even performed at comical skits at local theaters.

Both men suffered major setbacks as they tried to build their empires. While working on “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” Disney learned he did not have ownership of the character. To make matters worse, the artists who worked for him weren’t even working for him, but the distributor instead! Collins faced a similar dilemma.

He learned that some employees operated their own side businesses and tried to cut side deals with producers bringing in productions and utilizing company equipment, time and resources all while expecting a paycheck, just to achieve their own personal objectives.

When it came to Disneyland, Walt Disney would comment on how badly he wanted a place where children and parents could enjoy time together. Punch TV Studio provides a wide variety of family-oriented programming, including children’s programming. Viewers of family-friendly programming are more likely to use products made by advertisers, making them a demographic of high value. Punch TV Studios’ family programming strives to respond to the needs of viewers who want more programs they can watch as a family.

As CEO of Punch TV Studios, Joseph Collins brings life-changing, inspirational television and productions to viewers across the nation. He was able to successfully take his humble beginnings and turn those experiences into opportunities to help himself and other people including independent producers and aspiring/up and coming talent. Collins, with all of his skills and technical abilities, has a passion for helping people reach their full potential.

With the production of over 700 TV commercials and countless television shows to his credit Joseph Collins has received extensive praise and recognition for his vision and leadership. He is proactive within the community, prides himself on giving back whether through his time or resources and is definitely a man worthy of recognition.

Now Mr. Collins has now brought Punch TV Studios to the brink of an IPO. Preparing to issue 50 millions shares of stock at $1.00 dollar per share. When asked why he set the opening price of the stock to only $1 per share Mr. Collins replied, “I want our company to be owned mostly by the community and not fat-cat Wall Street Bankers. If I can show people how take $1 and turn it into wealth, it will bring financial empowerment to families across America.”

Joseph Collins and Walt Disney have shown that our own success is defined not by opportunity, but in our persistence in defeat.

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