Media Entrepreneur Emphasizes The Importance Of ‘Family Values’ In Uncertain Times

February 20, 2017

Joseph Collins, CEO of Punch TV Studios, is urging church congregations and societies across the country to get together and bring back traditional family values. Mr. Collins is going to symbolize these core values through syndication in television and movies.

Punch TV Studios CEO anticipates to depict the importance of family values through producing over 300 new feature films highlighting the true meaning of family.

By producing these films, Mr. Collins hopes to urged for a return to traditional ‘family values’. Issues such as employment opportunities, home ownership and entrepreneurship are all areas important to Mr. Collins.

The media entrepreneur, who in 2016 became one of only a few African-American CEOs of a publicly traded company, has received praise for his work within the urban community.

The Punch TV Studios platform aims to be the ‘unfiltered voice of the people’, highlighting a number of community issues including gang violence, economic disparity, and police brutality. Added to this, Punch TV Studios encourages community empowerment, and the need to be proactive to improve and secure a strong future for the youth of today.

During uncertain times, families with defined values can remain strong, despite opposing opinions, actions and beliefs. The importance and impact of family values cannot be understated, providing love, vital support, and stability – all aspects that can play an integral role in community rebuilding.

Providing a sense of identity, and belonging, Mr. Collins believes strong enhancement of family values could have a positive impact throughout the urban community, as well as on people as individuals.

Sharing life’s joy and sorrows, learning from fellow family members, and spending time in a setting that promotes personal growth can also be positively attributed to family time and indeed values.

Whether for meal times, or attending church, Punch TV Studios is urging communities across the country to re-engage with their values.

“Join us in creating a company that is socially responsible but also generating profit,” said Punch TV Studios CEO, Joseph Collins.

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About Punch TV Studios

Punch TV Studios was founded by CEO Joseph Collins as a production company that develops new media content for license and distribution around the world. Punch TV Studios is the first and only company that is doing an IPO targeted directly towards the urban market to bring wealth and jobs to the urban community.

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