The “Martin Luther King Jr. of Wall Street” Calls for Economic Empowerment

October 19, 2019

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Punch TV Studios CEO Joseph Collins is receiving widespread support from all over the country for this rather unconventional Wall Street approach.

As one of only a few African-American CEOs of a public companies, Punch TV Studios CEO Joseph Collins launched his company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) in June 2016. Projections currently estimate the company will generate more than half a billion dollars in annual revenue by year four post the IPO.

After a successful 2016, Joseph Collins continues to redefine both media, and Wall Street itself. Highlighting his desire to be both appealing and accessible to the average American, Punch TV Studios’ opening price was just $1 per share.

Initial investors are rallying around Punch TV Studios’ ability to level the playing field by incorporating the urban community in the investment process that historically would be out of reach. Collins has received widespread support from all over the country, for this rather unconventional Wall Street approach. Intended to open doors to wealth and jobs for members of the urban community, the accessibility to purchase stocks was a deliberate attempt to appeal to the ‘average American’ and to include them in this monumental opportunity to access Wall Street.

Punch TV Studios is the only public media company offering such an unbiased view of current affairs, and it is largely regarded as the ‘unfiltered voice of the people.’

The success of the business has led many to refer to Collins as the ‘Martin Luther King Jr. of Wall Street,’ but while he is making clear waves on Wall Street, his attention remains focused on offering an uncensored and urban reality. Punch TV Studios has offered insights into police brutality, gang violence, and economic disparity, and continues to inform and educate, during what are uncertain times.

While attending a Black History event, Collins said, “Punch TV Studios is the only public media company that can provide the true, unaltered voice of the people.”

“At a time when our country is deeply divided, we feel that having an unbiased media platform is both unique and essential.” He added, “Martin Luther King Jr. said it best, there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor political nor popular, but because his conscious tells him it is right.”

“Martin Luther King Jr’s dream is now being realized. It is time for us to develop our own economic power. We can no longer sit around and wait for anyone to provide wealth for the urban community. We have to create jobs for our young people. We have to raise a generation that is focused on home ownership and entrepreneurship. That is the only way to create generational wealth within the urban community.”

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El CEO de Punch TV Studios, Joseph Collins, está recibiendo amplio apoyo de todo el país por este enfoque poco convencional de Wall Street.

Como uno de los pocos CEOs afroamericanos de una compañía que cotiza en bolsa, el CEO de Punch TV Studios, Joseph Collins, lanzó la Oferta Pública Inicial (OPI) de su compañía en junio de 2016. Las proyecciones actualmente estiman que la compañía generará más de 500 millones de dólares anuales. los ingresos al año cuatro después de la salida a bolsa.

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