Punch TV Studios Rallies Around the Empowerment of Women

February 26, 2017

Punch TV Studios is eager to recognize not only the inspiring endeavors of women nationwide, but the contributions of the women who make Punch TV Studios a revolutionary multi-media company on the 106th annual international celebration of women.

Longtime believer of Punch TV Studios, Davi Davenport has had to work hard her entire life to get to where she is today. For years, Ms. Davenport has brought her sparkling energy to the entertainment industry. Since 2015, she has acted as executive producer and host of “the Davi Davenport Live Show”, which is a talk show that covers anything and everything going on with current trends in Hollywood and entertainment.

Known for her vivacious personality, Ms. Davenport utilizes her unique voice through her show and has drawn prominent guests who are TV personalities, authors, musicians, designers, and many others. She is largely involved in working with youth and inspiring them to use their voices. Ms. Davenport exemplifies the importance of strength and dedication, and has big plans for the future of her show. She is proud of the accomplishments of her female peers in the industry and emphasizes the importance of unity.

Davi Davenport is currently lending her voice to advocate to the public about all of the remarkable things that Punch TV Studios has to offer. The Punch TV Studios platform aims to be the ‘unfiltered voice of the people’, highlighting a number of community issues. Matters such as employment opportunities, home ownership and entrepreneurship are all areas of importance to the production company.

Rachel Ramos, the Executive Director of Investor Relations, is the powerhouse behind the scenes at Punch TV Studios. Articulate with pure diplomatic skill, Ms. Ramos brings the innovative vision of CEO Joseph Collins to life. She has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world and is responsible for network communications, nurturing partners and positioning Punch TV Studios for the take-over of television as we know it.

Ms. Ramos takes pride in her commitment to Punch TV Studios and is constantly pouring her heart into helping create a television studio that is best known for genuine passion, diverse content and star power.

Punch TV Studios recognizes these women for being strong successful business females in a world that predominately favors males. Punch TV Studios is grateful for the contributions of Ms. Davenport and Ms. Ramos and wishes all women a Happy International Women’s Day!

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