Punch TV Is Now Nielsen Rated

March 12, 2018

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Punch TV Studios, a global producer and distributor of entertainment and original content, today announced it’s television division Punch TV has joined forces with Nielsen Media Research, the worldwide leader in television and Internet research, to provide an even more detailed independent, third-party, detailed measurements of Punch TV rating points and share.

Punch TV Studios CEO Joseph Collins: “By becoming Nielsen rated Punch TV will be able to attract new advertisers, and as well as allow the network to provide data from an independent third-party organization. Nielsen ratings will allow allow Punch TV to surpass our revenue goals, while continuing to offer groundbreaking content to a diverse audience.”

Nielsen ratings will allow Punch TV to provide advertisers with specific demographics such as age, gender, race, economic class, and area. Now that Punch TV has more detailed data on its viewership, the company is attracting more advertising dollars, and is projected to generate an access of two million dollars per month in revenue.

Punch TV Studios is a company on the cutting edge of multi-media, technology and advancements in broadcasting, and is using technology to create a global media empire. Advertisers and viewers alike can watch Punch TV 24/7 on major cable companies in major cities across the country and online stream at PunchTVStudios.com. The company is currently raising $500 million in direct funding at $5.00 per share.

These new advancements will allow Punch TV Studios to continue to focus on creating original and unique programming, as well as continue to expand both domestically and internationally. To learn more about investment opportunities and what we do to bring quality programming to the airwaves, visit www.PunchTVStudios.com

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