Punch TV Studios Announces $50 Million IPO for Its First Round of Funding

April 5, 2016

The revolutionary multimedia Punch TV Studios, that it will raise $50 Million in the first round of seed funding. The company is offering 50 million shares of stock at $1.00 per share directly to the public.

“By allowing the public to invest directly into Punch TV Studios, it is now possible for urban investors to become stockholders and active participants in our success. It is of the utmost importance that we are able to empower the members of the urban community, who before the JOBS Act would not have had this opportunity,” says CEO Joseph Collins.

Potential investors should register at http://www.PunchTVStudios.com to be among the first to purchase Punch TV Studios stock, as the company begins to test the waters in states that are applicable. Punch TV Studios plans to immediately begin selling its shares after the Securities Exchange Commission issues an effective date. The stock is now available to qualified investors by contacting Punch TV Studios directly atinvestor-relations@punchtvstudios.com.

Punch TV Studios investor, and former US Naval Academy Professor of Finance Dr. Betty Burston PhD, states that “Punch TV Studios is one of those amazing, cutting edge start-ups that is emerging from the shadows and transforming into a media juggernaut, a transition reminiscent of the early days of Apple, Walt Disney or Microsoft.”

The $50 million capital raise will effectively position the company for the launch of its new global app “Punch TV Live.” The Punch TV Live app will include multiple independent television networks streaming live 24 hours per day. Punch TV Live is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2016.

“According to our business model, after successfully raising $50 million, we are projected to generate more than $500 million in annual revenues, and create more than 1000 new jobs over the next three years. We are determined to transform the urban community into an unstoppable force,” says CEO Joseph Collins.

For more information contact investor-relations@punchtvstudios.com.

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