Punch Empowers Women to Achieve Success in Executive Positions

February 10, 2018

Punch TV Studios Empowers Women to Achieve Success in Executive Positions

Punch TV Studios empowers women to achieve success as leaders of key departments within the company. The face of Punch TV Studios may be CEO Joseph Collins, but in actuality, eighty (80) percent of the executives at the multi-media company are women.

According to a 2018 University of Southern California study, women only make up 23.6 percent of executive positions in major media companies – and this isn’t only when it comes to top executive positions, the number applies across the board for those in the C-Suite (top senior executives), Board of Directors and Film Directors.

These numbers don’t hold true for Punch TV Studios.

In Summer of 2017, the network appointed Rachel Ramos as the new Vice President of Punch TV Studios’ broadcast division. Not only is Ramos a woman, she’s a woman of color.

Before her new position, she was the Director of Communications, Executive Director and also Executive Director of Investor Relations. As Vice President of Punch TV, Ramos is responsible for overseeing broadcast operations and ensuring that the studios’ programs are up to par with industry standards. She also decides which shows and movies Punch TV airs.

Joining Ramos in the executive ranks is Cassandra Cooper who was named Co-Head of Original Content at Punch TV, and is also a woman of color. Cooper is responsible for bringing content related to current events to Punch TV like “The Hollywood Punch Report.” She is also working on a Suge Knight Bio Pic.

Sharifah Hardie is another woman up there in ranks at Punch TV Studios. As the Director of Marketing, Hardie oversees the entire marketing and advertising department and is responsible for the promotional content of all of the studios’ original programming. Hardie is constantly thinking up creative methods to engage viewers with the studio’s content.

While these are only three of the excellent women that make Punch TV Studios run every day, they are not the only ones. The network employs numerous women across the board, whether they be entry-level, associates or senior executives.

Many companies boast the diversity of their staff, but here at Punch TV, that’s a given. The growing company is constantly bringing on more and more women. So while most major media companies are still struggling to boost the percentage of women in their decision making rooms, Punch TV Studios is already there.

About Punch TV Studios

Punch TV Studios is an American production and broadcast company committed to producing unique high-quality films and television programs through our state-of-the-art production studio.

The company owns and operates several independent divisions each of which allows the company to provide its viewers with original on-demand digital programming not available on other major networks, including 4D technology and a broadcast signal available on multiple platforms ranging from traditional television to the internet, iPads, tablets and smart phones. For more information on Punch TV Studios, visit www.PunchTVStudios.com or call (310) 419-5914.

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