Punch TV Studios Launches On Columbus, Ohio’s Channel 32.4

November 10, 2016

Punch TV Studios which produces high-quality television programming that caters to the often overlooked and highly diverse American urban communities, is excited to announce its arrival on WCSN TV Channel 32.4 in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus’ WCSN TV 32.4 makes for the perfect platform to introduce Punch TV Studios productions to the Buckeye crowd, as the station shares much of the company’s principles, including prioritizing the coverage of multi-cultural lifestyles and depicting diversity on television in a never-before seen manner.

WCSN General Manager Sharon Gordon stated, “We are excited about adding Punch TV Studios to our station lineup and we are equally excited about the opportunity to bring the stock options to the central Ohio community.”

Punch TV Studios has made a concerted effort to give a voice to independent artists, urbanites and minorities. Joseph Collins, Punch TV Studios CEO, is known for recognizing talent and producing unique works of art. His brilliance is visible throughout Punch TV Studios programming, including the studios’ notable works The Black Dawn, I Am Homeless and Hollywood Punch Report.

Marveling at his company’s meteoric rise, Mr. Collins stated “Much like Ohio, Punch TV is in the heart of it all – news, entertainment and society itself. Launching in Ohio is the first decisive step towards making Punch TV programming available across the eastern region”.

Over the span of a few weeks, Punch TV Studios has also successfully launched two additional affiliate stations including Channel 21.-6 in Houston, Texas, as well as Channel 18.-2 in Jacksonville, Florida. These impressive ventures come on the heels of the company’s $1.00 Per Share IPO announcement in June 2016. Priced at just 1$ per share, company stocks are fast becoming a prime choice among media investors, as well as the dedicated members of the Punch TV Studios audience, who are seizing the opportunity to become a part of a prosperous entertainment business, which is set to generate half a billion dollars in the near future.

Learn more about Punch TV Studios, how to purchase stock and the programming currently available at http://PunchTVStudios.com. Be sure to check out Mr. Collins’s inspiring vlogs, and follow along as he makes his journey around the country bringing Punch TV Studios to affiliate stations near you, by visiting the Punch TV Studios YouTube page or on Facebook and Twitter @PunchTVStudios.

About Punch TV Studios

The brainchild of entertainment maverick Joseph Collins, Punch TV Studios is the sole TV production company catering to the African-American, English speaking Hispanic and American urban communities. Overseeing the operations of independent, company-owned divisions, Punch TV Studios offers its unique content digitally on-demand, successfully filling in the creative gap left in the market by major studio networks.

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