Queen Turner

December 6, 2017

Queen Turner always led a pretty fabulous life prior to starring in Punch TV’s newest reality series, “Diva Glammas.”

Turner, better known as the Grand Diva and for good reason, was a “Soul Train” dancer from 1973-1978. She starred on over 100 episodes and was dancing for legendary stars like Stevie Wonder, Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson just to name a few.

Now, Turner is credited with being the founder of the Diva Glammas which is a group of six glamorous grandmothers, and some great grandmothers, who don’t let their age or motherhood get in the way of living their best life.

Grand Diva came up with the idea for a reality series centered around the Glammas in order to restore confidence in older women who have adopted the general belief that life ends at 40 years old for a woman.

Turner, who is currently in the process of enjoying her tenth marriage, refuses to relent on having fun and living a highly unconventional life simply because some grandmothers are more interested in walking their dogs than finding a man. She takes great pride in proving that sex doesn’t end at 60 years old.

You can catch this Grand Diva living it up along with her five other glamorous grandmothers on Punch TV on December 27 when the series premiers.

December 6, 2017

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