Tim Martin

December 6, 2017

Tim Martin may only be 22 years old, but he practically runs the entire company.

Martin is, officially, the Executive Assistant to Punch TV Studios CEO Joseph Collins — that’s just one of his titles though.

The talented young Martin is multifaceted. Along with being Collins’ right-hand man, Martin is also the managing editor of the Hollywood Punch Report, a celebrity news blog, and the social media manager tasked with growing the Punch TV brand.

That’s not all.

Since officially joining the company in June 2017, the 22-year-old has dabbled in basically every department at Punch, from investor relations to writing, to sweeping and mopping the floors. He’s also probably the first friendly face you’ll see when walking through Punch TV Studio’s doors./

Although Martin first became a part of the Punch TV Studios family just six months ago, he’s been around the company doing freelance work since 2013 when he was still living in Illinois.

The Executive Assistant enjoyed making music videos for friends when one approached him to see if he would be interested in making a promotional video for Punch TV. Now he has one of the longest running commercials on Punch – the “Are You Thirsty?” commercial which has been on the air since 2013.

Martin ended up moving from his hometown to Los Angeles to pursue screenwriting and has hopes of owning his own business one day.

His dreams would soon become reality as he currently is the head writer for a sitcom titled “The Travele Show,” which was shot at Warner Bros. and is waiting to be picked up by a network.

Although Martin is often busy with his rigorous schedule juggling the responsibilities of Punch TV and screen-writing, he doesn’t seem to mind.

“What I’m getting out of this job more than anything is the education, is the know-how, which is more valuable than anything else,” the 22-year-old said.

Martin added that the most rewarding part of working at Punch TV Studios is having the freedom to run the Hollywood Punch Report, which is like running his own part of the company.

Being Executive Assistant to a CEO of a television network is no easy feat though and it doesn’t come without its challenges.

“The most challenging part is doing work that’s good enough, thinking it’s great and then finding out you missed 4 steps,” Martin said, but his life motto remains: “If you want to do something you have to do it right.”

In his spare time, Martin enjoys hanging out with friends, working out by USC, running and writing.

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