Meet the CEO

Joseph Collins

Meet CEO Joseph Collins. Punch TV Studios leadership team strategic direction for Punch TV Studio focuses on generating the best creative content possible, fostering innovation and utilizing the latest technology, while expanding into new markets around the world.

Joseph Collins, CEO of Punch TV Studios

Joseph Collins knows what it means to succeed in the face adversity and life’s challenges. Perhaps it was this spirit that helped make him a successful innovator in the television industry, as well as a true entrepreneur.
He landed his first break in the television industry when he earned a coveted internship in the Research and Development Department at WVTV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, now a Fox affiliate. Collins diligently participated in all aspects of the television station – from working behind the camera to being a show runner.

Recognizing his intense determination and dedication, his superiors granted Collins the opportunity to host The Morning Business Report show during his summer break. He became the youngest news reporter on television in the nation. Collins shined as he brought a fresh and exciting perspective to the business news.

Mr. Collins quickly became interested in tackling other challenges, so he moved on to music video production. Managing all aspects of production, he not only produced the videos, he also met with top executives, raised corporate funds, managed production staff, incorporated major celebrities, and created distribution outlets for his videos. He produced and directed more than 200 music videos and quickly became known throughout the industry for the excellence of his productions.

His success allowed Collins the opportunity to pilot an original video show. Video Force was a show unlike any other: the concept was to spotlight videos from both independent and major artists, in a way that allowed viewers to become exposed to all kinds of artists and their music. In order to secure the show’s success, Collins became the liaison between the show and the music industry, coordinating with both independent and major music labels (such as Universal, Quality Records, and Ferocious Records) to obtain content.

As Mr. Collins‘ reputation in the industry grew, he was able to gain the attention, trust, and respect of music industry giant Cashbox – a weekly publication magazine that reported the popularity of chart ranking music. He was therefore able to gather statistical information about his videos, which gave him an enormous understanding of the market. This knowledge helped him begin forming business relationships with cable providers in order to reach the masses. His method was simple – he knocked on the door of every cable provider.

Mr. Collins’ ambition took him beyond his music video show, and propelled him into the industry of commercial production. He rapidly became one of the most respected producers of television commercials in the industry. He worked with such brands as Karl Kani and Toyota, and produced numerous Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for various non-profit organizations.

He was now ready for his next challenge: his own production company, Collins Entertainment. The focus of this company was to develop artists, both new and existing. Mr. Collins’ approach was to custom-tailor marketing strategies for each individual artist by analyzing their brand, pinpointing an area of opportunity, and applying the appropriate strategy to expand their targeted audience. As each marketing strategy included commercial packaging with sponsorship opportunities, it was unlike any other marketing campaign offered by his competitors.

By exploiting Mr. Collins’ expertise in cross-marketing and re-branding, Collins Entertainment gained the ability to incorporate corporate sponsorships, thereby diversifying its client base to reach a wider audience. Mr. Collins soon realized the importance of diversity within the entertainment industry, and began expanding his clientele to include high caliber clients such as athletes, musicians, and public figures.

Lifetime Achievement Award Certificate

As a trailblazer in business and entertainment, Mr. Collins was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the California Legislative Assembly in 1996. He also won numerous other awards, including, most notably, a recognition by United States Senator Dianne Feinstein, who congratulated him on his “excellence in entrepreneurship, superior leadership, dedication, and perseverance.”

After accomplishing many of his goals, Mr. Collins continued on the path to success by developing a show dedicated to martial arts news: Martial Arts TV. The show was a major success and was aired over 238 television stations across the country. Mr. Collins, learning the business of self-syndication, established the show as the nation’s number one Martial Arts News show to date.

Then came Punch TV Network. After an extensive period of pre-planning, Punch TV Network was launched and became accessible to 4 million homes throughout the United States and in the Caribbean. By its first year anniversary, it entered into the world of broadcast television, and became accessible to approximately 55 million homes through its network of independent television affiliates. This represented a growth rate of 1900%! In addition, while the cost of launching a network can be $100 million or more (as recently discovered by the Oprah Winfrey Network and Magic Johnson’s Aspire network), Punch TV launched for less than $10 million.

With the creation and production of hundreds of television commercials and countless television shows to his credit, Joseph Collins has received extensive praise and recognition for being a phenomenal leader and visionary. He is consistently proactive within the community, and prides himself on giving back by donating his time and resources.

Throughout his career, Mr. Collins, has developed and nurtured strong personal and business relationships, both in and out of the entertainment industry, providing a massive pool of resources from which to draw. These resources include screenwriters, performers, directors and producers of content, as well as advertisers, sponsors and promoters. These are the resources Punch TV Studios intends to use to reach our goals.

As founder and CEO of Punch TV Studios, Mr. Collins will now focus on creating original and creative programming and feature films that appeal to a diverse audience, as well as expanding our broadcasting capacity nationally and internationally.