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Punch TV Studios

Our fully integrated, broad-based studio, is home to an innovative collection of brands including Punch TV Network, Punch Animation, Infused Media and Nabukie. The company’s focus is on producing premium content for syndication across all platforms.

Our studio is at the forefront of a bustling creative environment where film, production and broadcast take place around the clock, in the heart of the entertainment industry. Our goal is to deliver exceptional, and unique content that fulfills the unmet needs of the global urban community.

Punch TV Studios has established a tactical campaign that employs the power of social media, alongside traditional marketing avenues, to rapidly gain and sustain market share. Currently, Punch TV Studios is in development of 300 new and original films and television series, which is expected to generate revenues of $1.3 billion over the next 5 years.

We have formulated a mastermind group of executive staff, whom have years of experience in the television, entertainment, marketing, and business industries, to deliver new and original content tailored to a global audience, all while keeping production costs low.

Punch TV Studios is poised to be a global producer, and distributor of entertainment and original content using our business units, and brands to differentiate our content, services and consumer products, we seek to create the most unique, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences.

Punch TV Network “Are you thirsty yet?”

Punch TV is a broadcasting company that currently reaches over 25 million homes in 7 different markets. 16 million of the homes are in the Los Angeles area which is a number two market in the media industry.

Our company currently reaches across the United States to Penascola and Jacksonville, Florida, Wichita, Kansas, Columbus, Ohio, and Houston and Beaumont, Texas to name a few. The company recently unveiled a million dollar state of the art broadcast center with the capacity to send faster and clearer signals than any other station of its size, therefore giving it the biggest platform for digital programming.

Now you can watch streaming live at Punch TV Live


The Urban Television Network, also known as the first African-American owned television network in America has received a major upgrade thanks to Punch TV Studios’ CEO, Joseph Collins who invested $1 million dollars to transform the network into Punch Animation Studios.

Punch Animation is a subdivision of Punch TV Studios and is responsible for the development of animated television series and movies for syndication.

In order to ensure that Punch Animation will be nothing short of a successful power player in the entertainment industry, Collins sought out the greatest minds in animation history to lead the company. Collins hired celebrated Disney and Pixar animator Floyd Norman as President of Creative Development and Emmy Award winning multi-hyphenate Leo Sullivan as Chief Operating Officer. The legendary duo first met in 1960 at Walt Disney Studios and together they bring in over 50 years of animation experience to Punch Animation.

Norman has worked on critically acclaimed and world renowned Disney films dating as far back as “Sleeping Beauty” from 1959. Since then, he’s also worked on “Mulan,” “Toy Story 2,” “Monsters, Inc.,” and most recently “Robot Chicken.” Emmy Award winning animator and filmmaker, Sullivan, is best known for his work on “Iron Man,” “Tiny Toons Adventures,” “Scooby-Doo” and “Flintstones.”

As all of us can already see, the films and programs listed are nothing short of powerful works of art that have been embedded deeply into American culture.

With both of these extraordinary filmmakers’ expertise in animation, there’s no limit to where Punch Animation can end up. The company has the dream team that is comprised of Leo Sullivan and Floyd Norman on its side and Punch TV Studios is excited for the future of Punch Animation.

Infused Media

Infused Media is the premier advertising agency that is dedicated to taking your business to the next level. Getting your commercial or business advertisement on television has never been easier. Infused Media will take the time to walk you through the process, step by step and will place your product, store or services in front of potential customers who tune into Punch TV daily. This advertising company provides affordable marketing campaigns for everyone, from those with small businesses to huge corporations, Infused Media will create a phenomenal campaign to reach over 25 million households.



Punch TV Studios has launched the hottest new social media app since Snapchat. Nabukie is an exclusive social media platform where entertainment professionals can connect. Hollywood industry executives have never been closer to reach before – Nabukie literally brings Tinsel Town to your fingertips.

Nabukie is the first of its kind as never before has there been a hot spot where everyone in the entertainment industry meets. Nabukie solves that problem by providing one place where professionals can meet, mingle, collaborate and look for work.

The platform is extremely user friendly. Nabukie members can add friends, upload status updates, photos and videos, audio files and even blogs. You can also earn badges of achievement that unlock when you interact with the site. Users are able to explore nearby events in order to personally network with entertainment executives and they can even open an online store to sell services, products, or anything you’d like – the process is extremely simple and most importantly free.

Directors, producers, photographers, agents, actors, and camera crew can all network on Nabukie and collaborate on projects. Whether you’re looking for a job, in need of filling a position, have a show to pitch or just want to put out a casting call, you can find all your entertainment industry needs on Nabukie all while staying up to date with the latest happenings in the business so you don’t miss out on great opportunities.

We created Nabukie because we all know that in the entertainment industry, it’s not who you are, but who you know. If you’re an entertainment professional, it is essential that you become a part of the Nabukie community so that you can have an all access pass to everything going on behind the scenes in Hollywood.

Once you’ve found your groove on Nabukie.com, you have immediate and direct access to the executives at the parent company, Punch TV Studios, (which started broadcasting in Los Angeles on August 1st) and is currently searching for 300 TV shows that are ready to broadcast. This is an unprecedented opportunity for many in the entertainment industry! Join Nabukie today by going to www.nabukie.com