Instructions on
Masters of Finance

Instruction on
Masters of Finance Pay-Per-View Video Series

1) Click on the Pay Per View button in the middle of the video play box.
2) It is going to ask you to create an account. You will need to create an account. If you are a Punch TV Studios Stockholders you will need to create an account for the Pay Per View as your Punch TV Studios login account will not work for Pay Per View.
3) Click “Register Here” tab on the video play screen
4) You will need to fill in the Registration Box
a) First Name
b) Last Name
C) Email Address
D) Choose a Password
E) Confirm Password
F) Your Phone Number

5) You will get an email to activation link
6) Click the Activation Link
7) You will receive a welcome email
8) Click “Buy Now”
9) Input email and password
10) Confirm & pay Credit Card Information
11) Add your credit card and you will have access.
12) If you have already registered for a PPV account, simply login using the user name and password for your Pay Per View Account.

Get Started Below and Enjoy