Punch TV Has Decided to Streamline

Punch TV has decided to streamline

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Punch TV Studios has decided to streamline the company making a bold move to build back stronger. Coming through covid has been a challenge for our company, as one can only imagine. But we are still here!

WE are still Here!

Punch TV Studios is a media production and distribution company founded by Chairman and CEO Joseph Collins. We are committed to delivering fresh, and cutting-edge entertainment for a global audience.

Despite the difficulties of the past two years, Punch TV Studios is proud to announce that we are emerging stronger than ever. Our company was founded on the principle of creativity and resilience and that has been evident in the way we have navigated these tough times.

The iconic Hollywood production company has opened its doors and is already hard at work on a slate of new content. CEO Joseph Collins says, “Punch TV Studios is best known for producing hit shows like Martial Arts TV and The Hollywood Punch Report, the studio’s progressive streamlining comes at a time when the entertainment industry is undergoing a major upheaval, with traditional media companies struggling to adapt to the digital age.”

Our new innovative approaches as we streamline the company

Punch TV’s innovative approach to production well positions us to lead the charge into the future of entertainment.

Our company is looking forward to producing new and innovative content. The core team has come together to support each other in both professional and personal ways.

We express gratefulness for the loyalty of our stockholders and supporters, who have stood by us during this challenging period.

Our excitement continues as we look to bring the best in entertainment while also expanding our reach to new audiences. We are beginning to reach out around the world for innovative films and television productions that we can distribute

Thank you for being part of our journey – we can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds

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