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The Punch Foundation Legal Defense Fund

The US Securities and Exchange Commission’s current “regulation by enforcement” approach has had an adverse impact on Women, Minorities and African Americans. 

The intended goal of the JOBS Act of 2012, (enacted during the Obama administration) was to provide the small business sector plus start-ups, such as Punch TV Studios, the ability to obtain capital, create jobs and build wealth in disenfranchised communities. Instead, the company is facing vilifying litigation.

The resources required for the litigation process often affects a company’s ability to operate and grow. We must not allow this to continue to occur!

Make a donation today to The Punch Foundation Legal Fund to help defend Punch TV Studios and companies that have been unfairly targeted.

About The Punch Foundation

The Punch Foundation is a California non-profit organization focused on opening the doors to the corporate ecosystem that is typically unavailable to marginalized minorities and women.  The Punch Foundation strives to protect the right of inclusion into United States public company ownership through advocacy, litigation, industry awareness and education.  The Punch Foundation will continue to evolve a road-map, in paving the way for fair and equitable representation into the corporate capital marketplace.

The Punch Foundation Legal Defense Fund’s goal is to help defend companies that have been unfairly targeted by the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission by providing suitable legal resources and financial assistance to stand a fighting chance at achieving economic justice.

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