Punch TV Studios to Kickoff Mentoring Program for Homeless Interested in Media Production

February 17, 2018

Joseph Collins, CEO of Punch TV Studios, wants to give back to the community he once called home. A resident of the streets of Los Angeles’ Skid Row over 20 years ago,  Collins knows exactly what it feels like to be considered homeless. But homelessness did not stop this business mogul.

Punch TV working to change the face of homelessness around the world

“I walked from 6th and Central Avenue to 109th and Central one way daily to gather the training available from an organization called WLCAC which is known as the Watts Labor Community Action Committee. That is why my work ethic is so strong because I know the reality of being poor and struggling to eat,” states Collins.

Punch TV Studios is offering a mentorship opportunity for those in the homeless community who are interested in pursuing entertainment as a potential career.

Now  the company founded by the CEO has a mission to reduce homelessness in the world. Together we make a difference in the life a homeless and hungry children.

“We are kickstarting a unique mentoring program the first quarter of 2018 for a selected amount of homeless who are interested in TV production, editing and overall movie development.”

“I know this will be a phenomenal opportunity to mentor others and provide employment because of our mentoring program,” says Collins.

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