Punch TV Pastoral Seminar

June 22, 2018

The Punch TV Studios Pastoral Seminar held on July 14th, 2018 at 10 am is designed to prepare churches for the changes in this technological age. You will be trained by the masters of media and finance.

The ubiquity of smartphones and social media makes them hard to avoid. They are changing the way people practice their religion. Faiths are adopting online technologies to make it easier for people to communicate ideas and worship and that technology has shaped religious people themselves and changed their behavior.

Punch TV Studios is hosting an event to guide churches into the technological present. We are going to help ministries evolve and adapt to the rapidly changing society. Punch has professionals coming in from all over the U.S to train church leaders in media and finance. At the event, you will learn church budgeting, church succession planning, ministry building and church adaptation to social media. It’s a new age and Punch TV Studios is making sure churches everywhere are prepared. This event will cover the things you need to know to provide your church with success and longevity.

From beginning to end the seminar will be engaging, motivational, informational and a foundation for new ideas.

There are few churches on television, and even fewer are on social media or have their own app or podcast. The internet and television is the way of today. Just ask Punch TV who is constantly growing their viewership. There are traditional people who canceled their newspaper and magazine subscriptions because technology provided a platform for people to develop videos and shows that provide the same information and entertainment. There are people who only watch Youtube. Remember when Youtube was only used for small quick amateur videos, and now the site host web series. Does anyone recall a social media site called Myspace? Guess what that was just a small beginning to what is now one the largest financial empires. Technology has spoken and it is time that churches listen. Punch TV Studios will help church leaders to understand media platforms.

This seminar will show how to integrate social media and ministry, and how to use television as an anchor for ministry.

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