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Purchase Now and enjoy 24 hours of Urban Movies provided Courtesy of URBT TV, As we count down to the Punch TV Studios Shareholders Convention

Learn things about business you thought you already knew. Learn ways to get your business finance. Lean how you can create a multi-million dollar company.

The convention will be held Friday August 23, and Saturday August 24, 2019. It will take place at the Punch TV Studios Headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, California. Punch TV Studios brings together the most accomplished minds of the financial industry whom will break down micro and macro economics as it relates to the Urban Community. You will be endowed by the Executives that influence banks, investment firms, insurance companies, investment banks and wealth strategist. Punch TV Studios has set up workshops and educational presentations led by financial experts and professionals that will arm even the beginning investor with a variety of tools to help in making wise investment decisions. These workshops will explain how stock investments work, the importance of financial planning, and a clear path to increasing the value of your investments

Anthony Miller Dr. Tina Michelle Joseph Collins CEO Punch TV Studios Karen A. Clark to Speak at the Punch TV Studios Shareholders Convention David C. Adams

Herb Hudson CEO of Punch TV Studios

Herb Hudson Lecturing the Master’s Class
“The Sh#@ they Don’t Teach You About Business”.

Black Casper Ranellla Ferrer