Appointment of Rachel Ramos to VP of Punch TV Network

January 22, 2018

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2017 / — Punch TV Studios / Punch Animation, Inc. (OTCMKTS:URBT) CEO, Joseph Collins is thrilled to announce Rachel Ramos as the new Vice President of Punch TV Studios’ broadcast division, Punch TV. Ms. Ramos is an inspiration to the studio, the network, the community and to her team. With nearly 10 years of dedicated commitment to Punch TV Studios, Rachel Ramos has exactly what it takes to be VP and in charge of every aspect of the network. The success of this new key position is vital, as Punch TV Studios transitions into IPO 2.0, and offers stock in the company at $1.00 per share.

Rachel Ramos began her career at Punch TV as Receptionist for the Director of Communications in 2009. With her passion and vision quickly moving her up the ranks, she soon stepped up to Director of Communications, Executive Director and on to Executive Director of Investor Relations, where her supervision over the day to day operations of Punch TV Studios IPO, supported the company’s growth and added to the bottom line of the studio. With her focus on strategic goal setting and planning, along with her contributions to further the company’s goals, extensive experience, vital alliances, and intricate knowledge of Punch TV Studios’ company and culture, has made Rachel Ramos the stand out choice in such a key position as VP of Punch TV Network.

“Rachel Ramos is the quintessential Punch TV Studios team member. She is the prototype of what I look for in an executive. She is someone who is committed to the success of the company, someone who understands and believes in the company’s vision, and someone who has the rare & unique ability to incorporate her own beliefs, strengths and experiences seamlessly into the company,” says Punch TV Studios CEO Joseph Collins. “With this key position filled, I am excited to be able to focus on IPO 2.0, the next evolution of the Punch TV Studios IPO, and I am beyond confident that IPO 2.0 and the company will be successful with Rachel Ramos at the helm as VP of Punch TV Network.”

Ms. Ramos’ new role is also good news for Punch Animation, Inc. (OTMKTS:URBT) the animation division of Punch TV Studios. Ramos will focus on developing animated series and movies for syndication through Punch TV Network, alongside legendary animators Floyd Norman and Leo Sullivan.

In addition, to Ms. Ramos’ career at Punch TV Studios, she has been a tireless advocate for the empowerment of women, most notably in the multi-cultural and urban communities. As a Latina her position as VP of Punch TV Network allows her the opportunity to use her skills and abilities to continue to give back to the Hispanic community she loves. Her dedication, along with her creativity, means continued opportunities for the under-served Latina community. Her knowledge and experience has set the bar high for others to aspire to, and her success is a testimony to her dedication and commitment to the vision of Punch TV Studios.

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HOLLYWOOD, CA, ESTADOS UNIDOS, 27 de junio de 2017 / – El CEO de Punch TV Studios / Punch Animation, Inc. (OTCMKTS: URBT), Joseph Collins se complace en anunciar a Rachel Ramos como la nueva vicepresidenta de la división de transmisión de Punch TV Studios, Punch TV. La Sra. Ramos es una inspiración para el estudio, la red, la comunidad y su equipo. Con casi 10 años de compromiso dedicado a Punch TV Studios, Rachel Ramos tiene exactamente lo que se necesita para ser VP y a cargo de todos los aspectos de la red. El éxito de esta nueva posición clave es vital, ya que Punch TV Studios transiciona a IPO 2.0 y ofrece acciones en la compañía a $ 1.00 por acción.

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