Digital Town Hall Meeting “Moving the Company Forward”

March 11, 2019

Punch TV Studios Town Hall Meeting, “Moving the Company Forward”

Punch TV Studios Digital Town Hall Meeting that took place on Thursday, March 14, 2019 @ 6pm PST.

A message from the PunchFlix CEO Joseph Collins,

We’re bringing the vision forward. PunchFlix is HERE!

PunchFlix is now officially launched and we are reaching out to you at the right moment. You’re clicks away from supporting the vision you birth. It’s time to embrace the digital future for PunchFlix.

PunchFlix – “Premium Television”


As a Shareholder your support is vitally important to the success of YOUR company. It doesn’t matter if you invested $1 or $1 million dollars, every single shareholder plays a major role.

How important is your membership with PunchFlix?

• It’s important that our company has a cutting-edge innovative product for the market, like PunchFlix.
• It’s important that we have a thriving customer base.
• It’s important that we expand our subscription base and generate millions in revenue.
• It’s important that we achieve company goals together.
• It’s important that we have a strong stock price when we begin trading on Wall Street.

A membership is only $9.98 per month. Sign up for your membership immediately and call your family & friends, tell them to join PunchFlix.


“Punch TV Studios, Shareholders + Shareholder’s Family & Friends = Financial Success”

For any assisance feel free to call us at (323) 489-8119

Joseph Collins – CEO
PunchFlix “Premium Television”